The Master Program in "Molecular Medicine" starts in October of each year. To be considered for the Master Program starting in October 2018, applications need to be submitted  between 01st December 2017 until 30th May 2018.  If you want to register, then please use only the official registration form, provided here:

In Addition, please download the pdf file given below (see "download" at bottom of this website).

Only by using this official registration form it is possible to register.

Additionally, candidates are asked to participate in a written Pre-Test that will take place on 28. March 2018 in Göttingen, to assess their qualification for the Master Program. Pre-Test participation is not mandatory but strongly recommended and will increase (but not decrease) the chances of admission. Applicants who wish to participate in the pre-test need to register by sending the official application form already before 15th of February 2018 (complete applications with all documents).  Only by using this official registration form it is possible to register. "Freestyle Application" will not be considered!


Requirements for Master Molecular Medicine

Applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree, or equivalent degree in molecular medicine, biology, biochemistry or related fields (not medicine).

Applicants who are not native speakers of English should demonstrate adequate competence of the English language by acceptable results on an internationally recognized test (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, APIEL, CPE). Participation in such a test is recommended but not mandatory, as language skills can also be evaluated during the personal interviews with selected candidates (see Selection and Admission). Proven higher education in English or a reasonably long stay in an English-speaking country is also acceptable.