Parking at the Clinic

There are two parking areas for visitors and patients only, located near the entrances.

To access the parking areas, please follow the signs posts for "Klinikum-Haupteingang" (Main Entrance - Parking Area P1) or for "Osteingang” (East Entrance - Parking Area P9).

Please refer to the map Anfahrt zu den Parkflächen below.

Anfahrt zu den Parkflächen Uniklinikum (Klick zum Vergrößern)


How much does parking cost?

There is a fee for parking at the clinic, however, the first 20 minutes are free. You may need this time to find a parking space. From the 21st minute, half an hour costs 50 Cents; the first 20 minutes will now be included. No more than 10 hours or € 10 will be charged per day.

If you wish to stay continuously as a visitor or patient, the following fees apply:

Parking Free of Charge in Exceptional Cases

Outpatients who visit the clinic regularly over a longer period of time may be exempt of parking fees under the following conditions:
If you visit the clinic for diagnostics or therapy as

• a long-term outpatient with
• more than 2 days a week and
• for more than 4 hours each.

You may be classified as long-term outpatient only if you meet all of the above three criteria.

This applies to the following areas:

This rule applies also for parents and persons assisting children during outpatient (not inpatient) long term treatment at the pediatric clinic.

If you are an outpatient long term patient, you will need a stamp on your parking ticket. Please contact your treating physician, a nurse, or the staff at the control desk (Leitstelle). Upon leaving the clinic, please present your stamped ticket to the doorman located at the Main- and East entrances. They will collect your ticket and give you an "exit ticket” (Ausfahrbillet) in return. The exit ticket allows you to leave the parking area free of charge.

Parking Headquarters University Medical Center
+49 (0) 551 39-8888