The new concept to the UMG Mentoring Programme was launched on 1 April 2015. Each class runs for two years beginning in April and has a capacity of up to 20 mentees as participants.

The supporting pillars of the formal Mentoring Programme comprise the so-called Tandem, the training programme, and coaching in small groups. Networking is to be understood as an overarching element. The general programme consists of an opening ceremony and the introductory workshop for mentees along with an interim meeting and closing ceremony.

The Mentoring-Tandem

A Tandem is defined as an independent and confidential professional alliance free of hierarchy between a young female scientist (mentee) and mentor. This alliance forms a so-called one-to-one partnership with a specific mandate (e.g. define aims and decision-making processes, develop a career strategy, set up a research group, transfer faculty-specific knowledge and skills, and/or pass on contacts). The mentee develops career perspectives in science or in the scientific environment together with the mentor. The mentee receives primarily:


Coaching in a fixed and continuous small group takes place in addition to the Tandem. Concerns from everyday working life of an acute nature, such as how to cope with and behave in problematic situations, are dealt with in the group. Furthermore, questions related to the compatibility of one’s private life with one’s career, where one stands currently on the career ladder, the development of aims, or the definition of various roles can be addressed.


The working alliance between mentor and mentee is complemented by a selection of career-relevant seminars and workshops. The events on offer cover among others the following foci:


Strategic networking not only with female colleagues but also different mentors is encouraged, both through a number of different events in close affiliation with the partner institutions as well as informal meetings to exchange personally with each other. On offer are networking dinners and lunches, to which guest speakers are invited to hold expert talks on career-relevant subjects, as well as career fairs and symposia.